Visualsonics Vevo 2100


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Technical Details:

System: Vevo 2100
High frequency and high resolution ultrasound imaging system for longitudinal assessment and measurement of anatomical structures and hemodynamic function in small animal phenotyping studies. The system comes with an imaging station for convenient animal handling and positioning, which combines physiological monitoring , body temperature maintenance, and anesthesia delivery.


Imaging Modes:

  • B-mode (2D) imaging with frame rates of 1000 fps.
  • M-mode assesses motion in cardiovascular.
  • Pulsed-wave Doppler (PW) for blood flow quantification.
  • Color Doppler for flow direction and mean velocity.
  • Power Doppler for relative quantification of blood flow.
  • 3D Imaging, rendering, reconstruction and volume analysis.



Ultrasound Transducer:

Vevo Transducer Model:

MS 550D

Primary Applications

mouse abdominal; reproductive; mouse, rat embryology; tumour imaging (up to 14mm); mouse vascular; small rat vascular

Centre Frequency

40 MHz


22-55 MHz

Geometric Focus

7.0 mm

Image Width (max)

14.1 mm

Image Depth (max)

15 mm

Frame Rate (single zone), FOV (width)

557 (5.08 mm)

Axial Resolution

40 microns

Lateral Resolution

90 microns