Archive IMCES Seminar and Workshops

  • Tuesday 17th December 2013: The inaugural presentation of Prof. Matthias Gunzer and the official celebratory opening of the IMCES facility will take place at the AudioMax University Clininc Essen at 17:00. Afterwards there will be a reception and food in the MFZ foyer.


  • On Wednesday 2nd October 2013 Dr Frank Joston, an applications specialist from Zeiss, will give a presentation Introducing super-resolution techniques and super-resolution imaging on the Zeiss ELYRA.PS1. The presentation will take place from 9:15am in room 2.004 at the Medizinisches Forschungszentrum.


  • Between Tuesday 19th and Thursday 21st February 2013 IMCES will have a DeltaVision DV Elite Deconvolution microscope on demonstration, which will also be available to those wishing to test with their own samples.  A presentation on the subject "Advantages of Widefield Fluorescence Microscopy with Deconvolution for Live Cell Imaging" will be given in the MFZ room 2.004 on Tuesday 19th February at 14:00 by Hogo Ostermann of Chromaphore and Dan White of GE Healthcare.