Microscopy backgrounds:

Do you know why it is important to choose the proper embedding medium? 

-> Refractive Index


How small should you go with your pixel size without just wasting time?

-> Nyquist calculator


1 Airy Unit?...what is it good for?

-> Signal to noise ratio


Why don´t you get a better resolution in your image?

-> Point spread function


Why do I need different tracks?

-> Crosstalk and Multitracking

Image processing background:

Can somebody show me how to work with Imaris? 
-> Imaris Quick start PDF
-> Imaris Tutorials

And how to get started with ImageJ / FIJI ?
-> Huge Image J Guide PDF
-> nice beginners Tutorial

Our Instrument SOPs:

-> Leica SP8 Confocal, STED, TIRF & FLIM
-> Zeiss LSM 710 Elyra PS1 Confocal, STORM, SIM 
-> Zeiss AxioObserver Z.1 ApoTome
-> LaVision Biotech Ultramicroscope
-> Caliper Lumina
-> BD Aria III